Want to make your all equipment ready. Here we provide completely all types of home appliances service and repair.

Odisha Electrical provides the best Electrical appliance service & repair Bhubaneswar.

The below are some solutions for your need.

  • Ceiling fan repairing.
  • ‌Table fan repairing.
  • ‌Water pump.
  • ‌BLDC Fan.
  • ‌Roster service and Repairing.
  • ‌Mixture grinder service and Repairing.
  • ‌Roti / Chapati maker service and Repairing.
  • ‌Electric kettle not working.
  • ‌Rice maker not working.
  • ‌Room heater Service and Repairing.
  • ‌All types of utility gadgets service and repair.
  • ‌Humidifier Repair.
  • ‌All types of light.
  • ‌Iron repair.
  • ‌‌Gym equipment repairing.
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